Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What To Do Before Buying a Used Truck

Buying a used truck is not a bad option if your pocked is not deep enough for buying a new one. Of course, buying a new truck has it's own benefits, however, if you're limited with the budget, you better look for the best option when buying a used truck.

Here are few tips to pay attention to, before making the final purchase:
  • Checking the odometer: If you're buying a used truck, checking the kilometers on the odometer is very important, because many sellers have passed the limit and that's the hidden reason for their sale.
  • The purpose of the truck you're about to purchase: If you're using the truck for a daily city driving or some easy truck tasks, you better look for a diesel or a gasoline engine and a truck that doesn't have that much horsepower;
  • Checking the history of the truck: Making sure that the truck wasn't overused and getting the right papers with the truck's history, can make your decision much easier;
  • Checking for a previous usage: If the truck was used for very heavy tasks, you will definitely notice that on the chassis. If there are some scratches and if there is some paint missing, the truck you're checking out is definitely used for a heavy duty tasks and that is not good.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Livestock Trucks Buying Guide

Hauling livestock requires more than understanding of health and safety issues, hard work and willingness to help in handling animals, it requires special livestock trucks. When people think of livestock trucks, the usual idea they get about them is gigantic and smelly trucks driving down the road, full of livestock. Livestock trucks and trailers can be seen on Australian highways too often, since livestock is very important for the Australian economy in general.

Operating a livestock truck is different than driving a truck. You have the responsibility to assist with loading and unloading of the animals, and also to make sure that they are not overcrowded. Also, you need to always keep in mind the weather condition, because extremely hot or cold temperatures may seriously injure the animals you are transporting. Injured or dead livestock at delivery is not only inhuman, but it may hurt your business.

When buying livestock trucks for sale in Australia, there are few important things to consider in order to ensure that you will get value for your money. The first consideration is what type of trailer you need, which depends on the type and total weight of livestock you will be transporting. Also, consider if you will be traveling on highways with the livestock truck or on back roads.

Once you have considered these factors, make sure that your truck is designed to haul that trailer and if it is properly set up to handle the trailer. Check if the hitch, which needs to be securely attached to the livestock truck's frame, is in good condition. If there's no hitch, ask your supplier to add one to your livestock truck for increased safety, if possible.

If purchasing a used livestock truck or trailer, ask your seller for truck's inspection history. In most countries, there are laws and regulations that require livestock trucks to be inspected on a yearly basis, just like all other vehicles. Check if the livestock truck has passed the most recent check-ups and if not, you will probably need to spend additional money on repairs to pass the inspection.

Before making your final decision, inspect the livestock truck thoroughly. Most livestock trucks for sale Australia have tires-related problems, so you should definitely check the tires if they have been poorly maintained. Also, check the lighting equipment (tail lights, blinkers and brake lights) on the truck if they are functioning properly. Then, check if everything else is working properly. Follow these guidelines and you will avoid any sort of bad experience with shopping livestock trucks.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Exploring The Dumper Trucks

Nowadays, there is no construction or any type of development site that can be envisioned without the utilization of dumper trucks, as a vital piece of your business armada. In spite of the fact that they are considered as a standout among the most expensive industrial vehicles, they are amazingly required on development and mining destinations. So, whether you want to buy new or used dump truck for sale, read this article, maybe it will help your decision.

These industries require a lot of heavy errands that ordinarily can't be performed by workers, such as:
- Bringing development materials to the working place;
- Moving the materials from one place to another;
- Deposing the development materials;
- Doing waste materials;

These vehicles are also going by the name "tipper" trucks and there is a variety of different dumper truck types available on the market, so whether you want to buy or new or used dump truck for sale, known the types can help you a lot. The most popular dumper truck types are: side/super-dump/transfer and standard dump truck, semi trailer bottom dump truck, double and triple bottom dump truck.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Most Important Light Commercial Vehicles Parts

If you are on the market trying to purchase a light commercial vehicle, it is very crucial to find the best vehicle for your tasks. For that to be done, few things need to be considered. There are many truck dealers in Australia, but only few are decent and through with the whole purchasing process. Also, there are a lot of available new or used light commercial vehicles in Australia, so before you make your decision and choose your vehicle, look for the most important concrete truck parts:

  • Engine: If the truck you're inspecting is in a very good condition, that means that the engine is well maintained and that is a very good sign;
  • Type Of Chassis: This part is the key of the whole truck. Many light commercial vehicle's parts lie on the chassis, such as the axles, engine, cab and few more. If the chassis is very large, you will need a bigger budget and you need to look for the one that can carry a lot of weight;
  • Manual Or Automatic Transmission: There are pros and cons with the both alternatives. If you buy a light commercial vehicle in Australia that is automatic, your costs will be less because of the fuel efficiency. If you buy a light commercial vehicle in Australia that is manual, you will have a better control of the vehicle when changing gears and that is very traditional and for some specialist - the right way;
  • Body Type: Another thing that has a fuel efficiency impact is the body type, so make sure you check that out;

Thursday, February 12, 2015

How To Load Rigid Trucks Properly

Workers who are operating heavy commercial trucks and vehicles are experiencing a lot of work related injuries every day, and there is a variety of reasons for that unpleasant situation. Today's focus will be on how to load rigid trucks properly and not get injured.

In Australia, more than 100 laborers get harmed consistently amid containing heavy loads. This is happening mostly when specialists handle the side-doors on the truck keeping in mind they open and close the side-drapes of the inflexible trucks. Likewise, mischances are prone to happen when specialists place lashings and corner defenders over the load, Therefore laborers who work with these vehicles look out for themselves and their security, especially during the loading and unloading of the vehicles.

There are a few segments that need to be considered when stacking and emptying unbending trucks keeping in mind the end goal to diminish the danger of mischances and wounds. The main thing to be considered include:

  • Handling Side Gates On Trucks;
  • Opening and closing the side-curtains of the rigid trucks;
  • Placing lashings and corner protectors over loads;